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Kindly refrain from restarting or shutting down your VPS until the full installation of DirectAdmin is completed, which should take approximately 20 minutes.

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel allowing administration of websites through a web browser. The software is configurable to enable standalone, reseller, and shared web hosting from a single instance. 

DirectAdmin also permits managment of server tasks and upgrades to package software (such as Apache HTTPS server, and MySQL) from within the control panel - simplifying server hosting configuration.

Supported distributions

  • AlmaLinux
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

How to deploy DirectAdmin in seconds

Peramix marketplace allows you to easily deploy DirectAdmin on Cloud VPS hosting in 1 click as mentioned below:

  • Select the VPS plan that meets your workload requirements VPS Plans
  • Under deploy your image, search for DirectAdmin.

deploy directadmin on Peramix cloud VPS hosting

  • Select DirectAdmin image that fits your needs.
  • Select DirectAdmin License that fits your needs.

Select DirectAdmin license from Peramix Cloud

  • Configure your cloud VPS as needed then click continue.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • DirectAdmin should be fully installed within 20 minutes, Do not restart or turn off your VPS server until DirectAdmin installation is complete.

How to verify if DirectAdmin installation is complete

To verify that the installation is complete:

  • Connect remotely to your VPS.
  • Use the following command line to inspect the log file of the installation process
	​tail -f /var/log/directadmin-install.log

Verify DirectAdmin installation is complete on Peramix cloud

How to start after deployment

DirectAdmin is the core interface for managing your server and all websites , To access DirectAdmin:

  • Open your browser and go to the link below
  • Click continue to pass browser ssl security check as mentioned on the below image

Start DirectAdmin after install

  • Then you will be redirected to DirectAdmin login page.
  • Retrieve the administrator password from the installation log file by executing the specified command line.
	​tail -f /var/log/directadmin-install.log

Login to DirectAdmin on Peramix Cloud

  • Subsequently, you will be directed to the DirectAdmin dashboard, mirroring the illustration provided below.

Directadmin dashboard in Peramix Cloud

Support details

DirectAdmin is supported by DirectAdmin

Support URL: Link

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