Connect to remote VPS on Linux

Establish connections with remote VPS using secure shell ssh

In this article we will explain how to connect to your server / VPS (virtual private server) remotely using your computer or laptop using secure shell (ssh).

1. Log in to your client area.

2. Navigate to you VPS control panel to get VPS IP and root password (do not forget to press on "show" to see the root password" as shown on the below mentioned photo.

3. Open your terminal then insert the below mentioned command

ssh -p 22 [email protected]<IP>

Note that:

  • p: port number of ssh, 22 is the default port number and it is recommended to change it for security reasons.
  • root: is your VPS root username and it is recommended to create new user and disable ssh for root user for security reasons
  • IP: is your VPS static IP, you will get it from your VPS control panel as shown in step no.2

4. After request your remote VPS to connect over ssh, it will request you to insert root user which you get in step no. 2 then you successful connected to your VPS over secure shell (ssh)

Finally, Connecting to your VPS over secure shell (ssh) is an easy process. do not forget to secure your connection by disable ssh for root user and change port 22.

Diana May 5, 2022
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