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Connect to remote VPS on windows using putty

This article will explain how to connect to your vps from windows using PuTTY using ssh protocol

How to connect to remote VPS on windows using putty?

PuTTY is the de factor standard to connect to Linux devices (VPS and dedicated servers) from windows over ssh protocol. 

Initial setup of Putty

1. Download putty.exe from this  link 

2. Install the downloaded file on your windows.

Get your VPS/server IP, username and password

1. Log in to your client area 

2. Navigate to your VPS/server.

Client Area

3. Get your VPS/server data as shown on the below mentioned photo.

Client Area

Connect to your VPS/server using PuTTY

1. To connect to your VPS/server using putty, launch putty, select session, insert your server IP, ssh port (default 22) then hit open button as shown on the below mentioned photo.


2. Accept PuTTY security alert


3. A pop up window will open to ask you about the username and password (note that to past the password, you need only to press right click then do enter)


 4. ssh session will open connecting you to your VPS/server.

Finally, Connecting to your VPS over secure shell (ssh) is an easy process. do not forget to secure your connection by disable ssh for root user and change port 22.

Connect to remote VPS on windows using putty
Diana October 27, 2022
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