Upgrade Your VPS Hosting Package on Peramix Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover how to seamlessly upgrade your VPS hosting package on Peramix Cloud. Follow our step-by-step guide to enhance your server capabilities, improve performance, and unlock new features effortlessly. Optimize your VPS hosting experience with Peramix today!

Instructions to upgrade your VPS Hosting packge on Peramix Cloud:

1. Sign in to your Peramix account link.

2. Proceed to the VPS control panel for further configuration.

3. Navigate to the top menu and choose the upgrade option as demonstrated in the image below.

Peramix upgrade VPS package 1

4.Refer to the section illustrating the upgrade package, as depicted in the photo below.

Peramix upgrade VPS package 2

5. Please select the VPS Hosting package you wish to upgrade to, then proceed to the payment section by clicking on continue, as illustrated in the image below.

Peramix upgrade VPS package 3

6. As illustrated in the image above, you will be invoiced solely for the variance between the former package and the new package, adjusted for the remaining term of your subscription.

7. Press continue to proceed with your payment, the upgrade will be processed within 15 minutes.

8. If you require additional resources, such as an increase in the quantity of IPv4 addresses, you can adjust this in the VPS resources section. Simply select the new amount and proceed to the payment step.

Peramix upgrade VPS package 4


Upgrading VPS packages can be seamlessly executed through your client area, allowing for automatic updates at your convenience.

upgrading your VPS hosting package on Peramix Cloud is a seamless process that will not affect your data. Rest assured, your data will remain safe and secure throughout the upgrade. Our advanced systems ensure that all your information is protected and your services continue without interruption.

Administrator June 13, 2024
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