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Reverse DNS / PTR record for VPS

This article explains how to add reverse DNS (PTR) record in your VPS hosting

How to setup reverse DNS / PTR record for VPS?

Setting or updating your reverse DNS record is very easy in Peramix control panel. We here will explain step by step how to set or update your reverse DNS record.

Step 1. Log in to your Peramix control panel then navigate to your VPS control panel.

Step 2. On the top right side of the VPS control panel, press on More button as shown on the below mentioned photo

Step 3. Click on Reverse DNS button which appear in the drop down menu after you click on the more button mentioned in step no. 1 as shown in the below mentioned photo

Step 4. Insert your reverse DNS (PTR) record in the box under Hostname then press on the button of update Reverse DNS as shown on the below mentioned photo

Finally, you will get a message that your PTR record updated successfully.

You can also check your reverse dns record using mxtoolbox

Reverse DNS / PTR record for VPS
Diana October 20, 2022
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