New DDoS attack hits record highest record

Cloudflare announced that it had repelled a DDoS attack, which exceeds 71 million requests / seconds

On last Monday February 13th, 2023, Web infrastructure company Cloudflare announced that it had repelled a DDoS attach, which exceeds 71 million requests per second which exceeds the highest recorded number of requests per second of DDoS attack.

Cloudflare DDoS attack

Cloudflare said that the majority of attacks peaked in the ballpark of 50-70 million requests per second while the this attack exceeds 71 million requests per second, Cloudflare called it "hyper volumetric" DDoS attack.

The attack is also the largest HTTP DDoS attack reported to date which is higher than the one mitigated by Google Cloud on June 2022 by 35%

Cloudflare said that the attack emanated from more than 30,000 IPs which belongs to numerous cloud providers.

As per Cloudflare, The attack targeted websites including gaming provider, cryptocurrency companies, hosting providers and Cloud companies.

What is DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempts to disrupt the normal traffic of targeted server or network by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic. DDoS attacks use multiple compromised computer systems as sources of attack traffic. The targeted servers or networks will not be able to process all of the attack requests along with the legitimated user requests.

During DDoS attack, users will experience this as website load delays, timeouts and eventually they will not be able to connect to their desired websites, services or servers at all.


Peramix Cybersecurity Team advice users to use Cloudflare services which are mostly free to avoid DDoS attacks.

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Diana February 21, 2023
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